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Divrei Navon

D I V R E I   N A V O N

~ The Writings of Mois Navon ~


Rabbi Mois Navon is an individual who has modeled himself on the principle of "Torah U'Madda". In the realm of Torah, Mois is a member of the Ptil Tekhelet Association where he lectures and writes extensively on the topic of tekhelet and published “Threads of Reason,” a book which delves in to various halachic and philosophic aspects of tekhelet. In addition, he has published numerous articles on Jewish topics in The Torah u-Madda Journal, Hakira, Jewish Thought, Jewish Bible Quarterly, B'Or Ha'Torah, Alei Etzion, Shofar and Chidushei Torah. Mois teaches a "Torah U’Madda" class at the Jerusalem College of Technology, as well as maintaining an outreach class on Jewish Thought, many of the shiurim being featured on YUTorah


In the realm of Madda, Mois’ professional experience in the research and development of digital hardware spans 35 years. Mois has worked for notable companies such as IBM, NASA's JPL, News Corporation's NDS, and Mobileye where he holds several patents in the field of image processing and computing hardware. Mois lectures often on the elements underpinning what makes Israel the Startup nation in "Innovation, Autonomous Vehicles and Purpose."


All the articles are the copyright property of Mois Navon and can only be used with permission of the author.

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Threads of Reason

Read my collection of essays that addresses the numerous halakhic questions surrounding the reinstitution of tekhelet through the Murex trunculus.

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·         Wachowskis’ “The Matrix”

                                - A Mystical Modern Midrash

The Library

Tens of articles that delve into classic & contemporary issues

Featured Article


The Virtuous Servant Owner—A Paradigm Whose Time has Come (Again)

On Our Moral Obligations to a Mindless Humanoid Robot




·         DoubleEdgeFilms’  “SPIN”

                                - On Fallen Angels, Free Will,                                    and Fixing the World


·         Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”

                                - In a Revealed Light

The Archive

Over 400 shiurim using traditional sources

to develop understanding of fundamental issues



·         Jethro Tull’s “Bungle In The Jungle”

                                - A Song On Life

Featured Shiur


Moral Luck


How does Jewish Thought account for acts we do as a result of good or bad "luck"?



·         Richard Kelly’s “The Box”

                                - Man in the hands of the Devil


·         Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”

                                - Ecclesiastes Revisited

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