Rabbi Mois Navon is a member of the  Ptil Tekhelet Organization, for whom he lectures and writes extensively on the topic of tekhelet.  Applying his background as both rabbi and engineer, Mois combines Torah and science in his efforts to revive this long lost biblical commandment.  To this end, he developed an online FAQ to make available, in a concise and accessible format, many of the questions posed to him at Ptil Tekhelet; a process which has yielded 100 questions and answers.  He created an online Tekhelet Tying Guide with tying diagrams, instruction sheets and one-minute videos demonstrating the primary tekhelet tying methods.  In addition, he made popular the Tekhelet Marine Tour – counted by the Jerusalem Post as one of the top 50 reasons to live in Israel – giving participants a hands-on experience of the hillazon and the tekhelet dyeing procedure.

Herein below you can find his writings on the topic.

Threads of Reason

Read – Threads of Reason – a collection of essays on tehekhelet, the result of research spanning more than a decade, motivated by nothing more than the desire to reach a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the rediscovery of tekhelet through the Murex trunculus. Bringing together biology and halakhah, chemistry and aggadah, archeology and theology – and applying careful consideration and logical reason – these essays seek to address the numerous questions that arise in the endeavor to revive this unique commandment. And as tekhelet is a commandment that has been forgotten for over 1300 years, each essay is colored with the marvel of a lost biblical commandment returned anew to the Jewish people. This collection of essays, then, can be seen as a group of threads – threads of reason – spun into a cord strong enough to bind a new generation in the fulfillment of an ancient commandment.