Ethics & AI


Watch a brief overview of the technology driving Artificial Intelligence.

As the technologies spawned by artificial intelligence enter every area of human existence, the ethical issues surrounding them become ever more critical. Combining his background in engineering and moral philosophy, Mois wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Moral Status of AI and lectures and writes on the ethical dimensions of these emerging technologies.  His course on “Ethics in AI” (see syllabus: English and Hebrew), includes: discussions in the classical approaches to ethics as well as ethics of technology; big issues in big data; dilemmas in autonomous systems and robotics; ending with a look into the future to discuss the ethical issues surrounding “the singularity” that will entail the end of work, and the end of life in its normative sense.  Mois also delivers single lectures on these topics – click for the full lecture list.

In an effort to contribute to the ongoing ethical discussions in the field, Mois is a member of the Scientific Council of the Israeli Association for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IAEAI) as well as a member of AI and Faith.           

You are invited to explore the intersection of ethics and artificial intelligence through Mois Navon’s collection of articles and lectures.

Transhumanism – a Short Intro

Transhumanism is a movement to “enhance humanity” by integrating technology into human beings, creating what is often referred to as “cyborgs”. In this video, I explain the movement within the

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Robot Rabbis?

LLMs like ChatGPT are able to process vast amounts of data and produce (for the most part) asounding results. Can they be a rabbi and answer halachic questions (posek

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Autonomous Vehicle Ethics

Many a class on ethics opens with the renowned Trolley Problem. This ethical dilemma has been used to introduce the classical approaches of utilitarian versus deontological ethics. Now, though the

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