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Mois Navon is one of the founding engineers of Mobileye, where he designed the EyeQ family of SoC (System On a Chip) – the chip powering the autonomous vehicle revolution.  Mois is also an ordained rabbi who has published numerous articles on Jewish law and lore.  Working at the intersection of Torah U’Madda, he is currently a pursuing his PhD at the department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University where his thesis seeks to apply Jewish philosophy to address the ethical questions arising in the field of artificial intelligence.  In this vein, he teaches a course on “Ethics in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” at Ben Gurion University and Yeshiva University.

Mois Navon in Ten Minutes

Quein Es Mois Navon

Inside Divrei Navon

Writings – Publications covering a broad range of topics in the realms of Jewish law and lore – ranging from biblical interpretation (parshanut) and Jewish law (halacha) to philosophy (machshevet) and technology. 

Lectures – Over 500 teachings, class lectures (shiurim) and sermons (drashot); in the form of source sheets, written out lectures, many available with audio and/or video.

Ethics & AI – Lectures and essays on the ethical dimensions of emerging technologies, including discussions on the big issues in big data; dilemmas in autonomous systems, robotics, and more… 

News – Interviews, articles and media discussions with Mois covering a myriad of topics, including: robots, transportation, technology, religion, philosophy, ethics, and more…

Tekhelet – Lectures and essays on the topic of the biblical blue, combining Torah and science in an effort to revive the long lost biblical commandment – many available with audio and/or video.

Pop Media – Essays that delve into the philosophical themes underlying popular media, be it a song, movie, or painting.


Featured Videos

Hath Man No Advantage Over Machine? On Generative AI and Human Creativity

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. It is so creative that it is causing us to question what exactly is our unique worth.  What, then, is our advantage over machine?

Technology / Ethics (English)

Autonomous Weapons Systems and Human Dignity

Autonomous Weapons Systems are the next revolution in warfare. In this short talk I discuss the ethics surrounding their deployment, and specifically the issue of human dignity – from a Jewish Ethical perspective.

Technology / Ethics (English)​

The Moral Status of a Humanoid

One of the most intriguing, most promising, and most worrying technologies coming online is that of Social Robots – how are we to interact with them?

Technology / Ethics (English)​

Latest Lectures

Transhumanism – a Short Intro

Transhumanism is a movement to “enhance humanity” by integrating technology into human beings, creating what is often referred to as “cyborgs”. In this video, I explain the movement within the context of “end of days” prophecies and Jewish ethics. NOTE: This is meant as an introduction and not the final

What’s so bad about Manipulation

Everyone has some intuition about the impropriety of manipulation. But why is it really bad, morally? And how does this play out on digital platforms?

Data is Power – On Surveillance & Privacy

With the advancement of technology and the internet of things, the capacity to collect data has given new meaning to surveillance and brought into focus the value of privacy. Is there a balance to benefit individual and society?

Plowing for a Better World

Noah was chosen by God, as the text teaches, because he was righteous. What exactly was the source of his righteousness?

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