Herein you will find Mois Navon’s publications covering a broad range of topics in the realms of Jewish law and lore –  essays that delve into modern topics such as robot ethics and autonomous systems as well as discussions on biblical interpretation (parshanut), Jewish law (halacha) and philosophy (machshevet).  The essays have been published in journals such as AI and Ethics, Frontiers in RObotics and AI, the Torah u-Madda Journal, Hakirah, Jewish Thought, Jewish Bible Quarterly, B’Or Ha’Torah, Alei Etzion, Shofar and Chidushei Torah, as well as popular websites such as the Jerusalem Post, Aish.com, Lehrhaus, Arutz Sheva and more.  In addition, as a member of the Ptil Tekhelet Association, Mois has written extensively on the topic of tekhelet and his articles can be found here as well.  Finally, Mois has published a weekly parsha column in the Times of Israel which can be read there.