Rabbi Mois Navon

In March 2001, Rabbi Mois Navon began delivering a weekly lunchtime shiur (lecture/class) at Mobileye.  In March 2017 he made this a monthly shiur, and began giving a weekly drasha (sermon) in his Beit Kenneset.  There are currently over 500 teachings listed and accessible herein below.  Many are in the form a source sheet, many as actual lectures.  Some are accompanied with audio and/or video of the lecture (some in Hebrew, some in English).  They have been tagged according to subject, parshat hashavua, holiday, etc. – thus allowing a search of relevant materials depending on one’s interest.

Transhumanism – a Short Intro

Transhumanism is a movement to “enhance humanity” by integrating technology into human beings, creating what is often referred to as “cyborgs”. In this video, I explain the movement within the

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On Kicking the Sukkah

The Talmud tells a fascinating end of days story in which the nations of the world are tested as to their ability to accept God’s will. The test is to

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Robot Rabbis?

LLMs like ChatGPT are able to process vast amounts of data and produce (for the most part) asounding results. Can they be a rabbi and answer halachic questions (posek

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Seventy: A Complete Diversity

Diversity is the watchword of our current milieu. Unfortunately, it has taken on the very restricted sense of being inclusive of minorities, etc.. While inclusiveness is an important value, the

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Moral Luck

Have you ever wondered if what you did – good or bad – was really pure “luck”? Intuitively, we tend to believe that people are undeserving of praise or

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To Be Real

Be True, God Knows Thoughts, Rosh Hashana, Shabbat Shuva, Ten Days of repentance, Yom Kippur, DRASH ONLY

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